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New German Energy

New German energy

Embrace the future of driving with Opel

Move into NZ’s most efficient German brand today. Renowned for innovation, Opel integrates cutting-edge technology into its entire range. Embrace the future of driving with Opel's PureTech petrol, 100% electric, and hybrid vehicles, delivering remarkable efficiency without compromising performance. Pairing sustainable excellence with bold and pure design, Opel offers a driving experience unlike any other.

Experience the epitome of German engineering with Opel.

Opel PureTech petrol

The pure expression of efficient German energy


Opel PureTech vehicles combine bold and pure design with outstanding environmental performance and cutting-edge technology, and are available across our range.

Opel 100% electric

That’s what we call Greenovation


Opel 100% electric vehicles' remarkable environmental performance is combined with bold and pure design. Start your emissions-free journey.

Opel plug-in hybrid

A fresh new way to drive


Switch to full electric mode in an instant and drive with zero emissions, suitable for most daily commutes, or for longer journeys you still have the range of the internal combusion engine.

Opel hybrid

Coming soon to NZ


With a battery that recharges while driving, this technology provides extra low-end torque. Hybrid power offers an all-round improvement in efficiency* thanks to the smart regeneration system. So there is no need to be plugged in for a fuel-efficient journey.

Hybrid models will be arriving in New Zealand from 2025.

*Comparison against the equivalent non-hybrid combustion engine model.

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