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Electric Cars

Electric cars from Opel

Experience the future of driving with the Opel range of 100% electric vehicles. Our electric cars are at the cutting-edge of technology. Their remarkable environmental performance is combined with bold and pure design.

Choose your model and start your emissions-free journey.
Corsa Electric
As a small car among the electric cars, the Opel Corsa Electric impresses with a powerful but quiet electric motor and impressive range. The maximum torque is available almost immediately when accelerating from a standstill and guarantees pure driving pleasure - not least because of the excellent road holding. In terms of exterior design, the Corsa Electric stands out with a striking rear end and attractive side lines. Charging the battery is uncomplicated and quick. The interior, which is generous for a small car, is characterised by its precise workmanship, high-quality details and premium materials. A real highlight is the driver-oriented, sporty dashboard. 
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Mokka Electric
The Opel Mokka Electric is our first pure-electric SUV-styled model. With its clear, expressive design, the Mokka Electric embodies the new face of Opel - we're calling it the Opel Vizor. Compact, quick and agile, this is a car that's at ease both on country roads and in the city. As a further innovation, the Mokka Electric features the digital Cockpit Pure-Panel - with clear, concise driver information that's free from the clutter of unnecessary design elements. Well thought-out details, such as a charging cradle for smartphones, are also standard  equipment. The Mokka-e also impresses with ergonomically shaped seats for excellent seating comfort, while the agile and dynamic electric engine ensures total driving pleasure. Choose between 3 driving modes (Eco, Sport, Normal).
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The Vivaro-e offers premium comfort and maximum flexibility. With superb reliability, optimum utility value and low operating costs, this pure-electric commercial vehicle is the perfect partner for your business. The Vivaro-e is available in 3 vehicle lengths (S, M, L) as well as 3 variants: the practical Vivaro-e Cargo with either 2 or 3 front seats separated from the large cargo area by a study metal bulkhead; the comfortable Vivaro-e Double Cab with 2 rows of seats separated from the still-generous cargo area by a bulkhead; and as the individually adaptable Vivaro-e FlexSpace Double Cab with flexible bulkhead and an additional foldable rear seat row.


  • Outer dimensions: 3 vehicle lengths (S, M, L) from 4600 mm - 5300 mm

  • Seating capacity: 2 to 9 depending on the model

  • Load capacity: 4600 l - 6600 l
Zafira-e Life

Ideal both for families or businesses, the Zafira-e Life combines comfort and luxury with maximum flexibility. Available in 3 sizes (S, M, L) and optionally with trailer coupling, the Zafira-e Life is a large-capacity, emissions-free vehicle that offers comfortable seating for up to 9 people. It's also quiet. Choose between two lithium-ion batteries to power the electric drivetrain - the larger gives you the option of longer trips. Thanks to its low height clearance, the Zafira-e Life fits into any underground car park and is a good choice not only as a family van but also as a hotel shuttle. The interior can be flexibly equipped with seats arranged in rows or as individual standard leather seats arranged face-to-face and including a table. The seats can be repositioned easily and flexibly on aluminum rails and are partially foldable to create more legroom.


  • Outer dimensions: 3 vehicle lengths (S, M, L) from 4600 mm - 5300 mm

  • Seating capacity: up to 9 depending on the model

  • Load capacity: 3600 l - 4900 l
Grandland X Hybrid

The two SUVs Grandland X Hybrid1 and Grandland X Hybrid4 are our first plug-in hybrid vehicle models. Available both as the front-wheel drive Hybrid and as the four-wheel drive Hybrid4, they offer emission-free and almost silent driving. Thanks to the electric/petrol engine combination, the driver can choose between three driving modes (hybrid, electric and sport - plus all-wheel drive in the case of the Grandland X Hybrid4). The sporty exterior design inspires with striking contours, while the interior impresses with outstanding seating comfort and a large colour touch screen. The Grandland X Hybrid models are also equipped with various driver assistance systems (front collision warning system, lane departure warning system, etc.). The compact lithium-ion battery is installed under the rear seats, freeing up space in the interior and trunk.


  • Outer dimensions: Length 4477 mm 

  • Luggage/load capacity: 390 - 1528 l

  • Max. towing weight braked / unbraked: 1200-2000 kg (12% gradient)/ 600-750 kg

  • Admissible total weight: 1930 - 2350 kg
1 Fuel consumption Grandland X Hybrid/Hybrid4 combined x,x – x,x  l/100 km; CO2 emission combined xxx –xx  g/km,  energy consumption combined  xx,x - xx,x kWh/100 km;  pure electric range (combined) xxx km to xxx km (depending on equipped options).


Want to learn more about e-mobility with Opel? Find out all there is to know about charging, range and more here. It's e-mobility made easy.
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What's next?

Why not use our configurator to build the electric or hybrid car of your dreams? Or, to feel what it's like to drive an electric car, why not book a test drive? Alternatively, you might prefer to get in touch with your nearest dealer. Whatever it is you're looking for, we at Opel appreciate your interest in our electric and hybrid cars and are happy to help you in any way we can.