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Manta GSe ElektroMOD

Opel Manta GSe ElektroMOD

The Manta strikes back

The Opel Manta was a superstar of 1970’s automobile design. Now, it’s making a comeback in an electrifying new way as so-called RestoMod. Meet the new, electric Manta GSe. Like the old Manta, but totally different. 

GSe ElektroMOD design

Uniquely bold

The Opel Manta GSe ElektroMOD is a one-of-a-kind celebration of everything that made the original great, but updated with Opel’s Bold and Pure new design ethos and the modern technology. 

Revolutionary purity

Everything truly revolutionary comes back around. The original Manta inspired the Vizor, the hallmark of every new Opel design, and now it’s back on the GSe ElektroMOD, too.

Future vision

One of the things MOD stands for is modern, made clear as this unique ElektroMOD concept features a driver-oriented, fully digital cockpit that combines purity and emotional boldness. Modern sports seats with centre yellow decor line round up the total detox experience. 

GSe ElektroMOD power

Lead the charge

Zeitgeist design, future-proofed. The Manta’s electric powertrain delivers emissions-free 108 kW/147 hp of rear-wheel drive power through a lovingly recreated four-speed gearbox – with selectable automatic mode.

Fighting torque

The iconic Manta GT/E was sporty in 1974 with four-cylinder and 105 PS (77kW), but can’t touch the instantaneous acceleration and 255 Nm torque from standstill of Opel’s next-gen electric powertrain. The Manta GSe can even recover braking energy. This is how to sustainably change the world.

Emotions, not emissions

GSe ElektroMOD with its 31kWh, 200km range battery is another exciting proof of Opel being an electrification pioneer. By the end of 2021, customers can chose between nine electric cars in the Opel portfolio - by 2024, there will be an electrified version of each model.

GSe ElektroMOD digital

Codename: Manta

GSe ElektroMOD takes digitization to the next level as the legendary Manta logo comes to life. It’s names, engine designations and emblems will all be enhanced by iQR codes.

Pixel perfect

The GSe ElektroMOD features a special version of the new brand face – The Pixel Vizor.  Stretching across the full width of the vehicle, this LED screen lets Manta talk to the world. 

Manta speaks

The GSe ElektroMOD’s Pixel Vizor makes a statement about how this technology is evolving :  “My German heart has been ELEKTRified" and "I'm on a zero e-mission. I am an ElektroMOD”. 

Spark emotion

Ashley niall
“Can be and should be the future of electric vehicles”. 
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“Electric Renaissance”.  
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