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Running Costs

Always in saving mode

Electric really pays off. Benefit from the low overall running costs thanks to lower energy costs and cheaper service trips.

A smart investment

Naturally, it is not easily possible to compare prices of electric cars and cars with conventional engine. But when it comes to the actual running costs, the advantages are numerous:


  • The cost of servicing: it’s lower than that of an internal combustion vehicle. There are far fewer moving parts with battery powered engines and oil changes are not required.
  • Lower energy costs (electricity vs petrol).


Smart decisions about charging

The way you charge your battery can also make it more economically to own an electric vehicle in the long term. For instance, you can save money by using multiple opportunities of public charging offers to charge for free as a guest. If you have a smart wall box with a connection to the smart wall box backend installed at home, you can easily manage the time when charging is economically most convenient, depending on the rates of your energy provider or the integration in renewable energy facilities (might require additional hardware). As a company car driver it is easy for you to administer reimbursement requests to your employer for the home charging sessions. And by using smartphone apps related to your vehicle or the smart wallbox it is possible to monitor and operate your charging sessions remotely, so you can always ensure efficient charging and be informed about your charging status.