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Charge at Home

Charging solutions for every need

All Opel vehicles already include a basic mobile charger (mode 2) that allows you to charge at any household socket, however, charging speed is limited by the capacity of these sockets. Want to charge up to 5 times faster or stay more flexible? Check out Opel’s diverse charging portfolio!

Charging to go: Opel’s mobile chargers

Our Universal Charger, the “Suisse army knife” under the chargers, allows you to charge at household sockets, public chargers and high voltage sockets to always provide the maximum charging speed possible.

Maximum convenience at home: our wall boxes

You want maximum performance and convenience at home? Your Opel dealer can help you purchase and install a wall box that perfectly fits to your Opel.

Intelligent charging

Want to share your wall box with multiple users? Manage access rights? Or generate usage reports? Our Smart Wall Box is simply manageable via app. It allows you to remotely manage charging sessions and make efficient use of your available power.

Easy installation

All you need is a qualified electrician to examine your particular situation and set up the charging infrastructure that is right for you. Your Opel dealer is happy to help!