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Opel Mokka Electric

Demonstrator models available from $49,990
*While stocks last

Mokka Electric

Demonstrator from $49,990
A bold, original vision of design and technology is taking shape. Are you ready to experience a daringly pure approach that’s taking driving to a whole new level? Discover now the Opel Mokka Electric. Also available with a petrol engine.


Mokka Electric demonstrator

*MSRP $69,990, ORC included, $9,998 deposit, borrow $60,635.39 (after Factory Discount of $20,100), weekly payment of $128.59, 48 month term, 45,000km allowance, 10.95% p.a fixed interest rate, $636 establishment fee, $7.39 PPSR fee, optional final payment of $29,395.80 to keep the car, total loan repayments $76,113.32, responsible lending criteria & T&Cs apply. Not available in conjunction with other offers. Offer valid until 30th April 2024 or while stocks last.

Mokka-e SRi

*Mokka-e SRi RRP $69,990, deposit $1000, borrow $68,990 at 4.9% p.a., fixed for the term. Pay $321 a week over 208 weeks. Total loan repayments $66,942.72, not including discretional Clean Car Standard Discount of $8,625 which must be utilised as a week 12 payment. Heartland Bank’s responsible lending criteria, terms, conditions and fees apply, including an establishment fee of $286 and a PPSR fee of $7.39. Only until 30th April 2023 on SRi trim while stocks last, and not in conjunction with any other OPEL NZ or OPEL dealership offer.

Less normal more Mokka

Mokka in augmented reality

Want to experience the Mokka up-close and see how it fits in your world? With the Mokka Augmented Reality Filter you can explore its progressive, head turning design from the comfort of your couch. All you need is a smartphone and a bit of imagination. You can use the AR Filter and virtually place the Mokka outside your home or favourite cafe, take a walk around it and get a friend to take your photo with it. Check it out now and make sure to tag @Opel!

Bold new direction pure electricity

Long range confidence

Next-gen battery technology provides the freedom to go further with up to 363km according to WLTP1 on just a single charge. 


1 Range value indicated complies with the WLTP test procedure on the basis of which new vehicles have been approved since September 1, 2018. Figures may vary depending on actual conditions of use and various factors such as speed, weather and driving styles.

Learn how to maximise range
Less waiting, more doing

Charge fast, clean and conveniently from home or any public station. Get up to 80% of range in only 30 minutes1 and take full advantage of Mokka Electric’s flexible charging options that give you confidence and capability on every journey.


1 Theoretical value, calculated on the basis of 363km WLTP range. At a DC charging station (100 kW). Equivalent to charging an empty battery. The charging time can vary depending on the type and performance of the charging station, the outside temperature and the battery temperature.

Learn more about charging possibilities
The full benefits of zero-emission
Goodbye to high fuel prices. Hello to lower maintenance and operating costs. 
Learn more about electric technology

Check the daily range of your Mokka-e

Customize your Mokka-e

Less ordinary more wow



Demonstrator models available from $49,990

*While stocks last

Zero emissions. Totally progressive. Completely electrifying.


  • 363 km driving range WLTP
  • 100% electric
  • IntelliLux LED® Matrix headlights
  • Black roof & bonnet
  • Black exterior trims with red upper window mouldingexcl. Matcha Green & Power Red paints which come with black moulding 
  • 18” diamond-cut alloy wheels
  • Adaptive cruise control with Stop&Go
  • Advanced Active Safety Brake
  • Lane Positioning Assist (semi-autonomous)
  • 7" to 12" digital instrument cluster + 7" to 10" central touchscreen
  • Navigation & smartphone connectivity

Live Edition

$62,990 + ORC

Zero emissions. Totally progressive. Completely electrifying.
Arriving Spring 2023. Order yours today.


  • $7,015 Clean Car Rebate
  • 363 km driving range WLTP
  • 100% electric
  • Black upper window moulding and wheel arch extensions
  • 17” black alloy wheels
  • Active emergency braking with pedestrian detection
  • Lane keeping assist
  • Driver attention alert and forward collision warning
  • LED headlights
  • Pure Panel display with 7” digital instrument cluster
  • 7” high definition capacitive touchscreen


Electrify your style. Stand out from the crowd.

  • 17" alloy wheels, high gloss black, bi-colour 
  • Multimedia Radio incl. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, OpelConnect services
  • Electronic climate control
  • Rear View Camera pack

Elegance Business Pack

Lead the charge with versatility, range and style.

  • 17" alloy wheel, high gloss black, bi-colour 
  • Multimedia Navi with OpelConnect services
  • Rear View Camera pack
  • Keyless Open & Start

GS Line

Energize your personal style.

  • 17" alloy wheels, high gloss black, bi-colour
  • Multimedia Radio incl. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, OpelConnect services
  • Black painted roof
  • Dark tinted rear windows
  • Black headliner

GS Line Pack

Add a bold, pure spark of brilliance to your every drive.

  • 18" alloy wheels, high gloss black/red 
  • Multimedia Radio incl. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, OpelConnect services
  • Black painted roof
  • Dark tinted rear windows
  • Black headliner


Zero Emissions. Totally Progressive. Completely electrifying.

  • 18" alloy wheels, high gloss black, bi-colour 
  • 10" Multimedia Navi Pro with 12" digital driver instrument cluster, OpelConnect services
  • IntelliLux LED® Matrix headlamps
  • Heated Alcantara seats

Class-leading features

Power up
Mokka Electric’s heart is a powerful 50kWh lithium-ion battery. 216 high energy-density cells with advanced heat management means long lifespan and long range, boosted by Enhanced Regenerative Braking.

While driving, as soon as you lift your foot off the accelerator pedal, the Regenerative Braking system recaptures kinetic energy whilst braking and converts that power into even more range. In its highest setting (B-Mode), most of your daily commute can be driven without use of your traditional brakes, reducing wear and associated maintenance costs.
Electrifying performance
A 100% electric powertrain features 260Nm of instantaneous torque. The lightweight, 136hp (100kW) permanent-magnet synchronous electric motors are perfectly balanced and tuned to handle tight city streets and wide-open roads with effortless confidence and agility.  
Strong silent type
Mokka Electric is built to help you take on the modern hectic world. Its clean, roomy and acoustically isolated cabin is where you’ll recharge your own energy on every journey, giving yourself time and space to you hear yourself think or truly feel your music.  
Drive your way
Mokka Electric adapts to your driving style by offering you Sport, Eco and Normal driving modes, each adjusting vehicle-wide systems such as pedal mapping, power steering assistance, and cooling. Sport increases driving dynamics, Eco increases efficiency, and Normal balances both.  
Vehicle data monitoring
Mokka Electric’s advanced sensors and vehicle data monitoring systems give you an intuitive, at-a-glance overview of driving conditions and energy consumption to keep you informed and in complete command of the road. 
High performance battery
With a warranty of eight years or 160,000 km to 70% capacity, the 50 kWh battery in the Mokka Electric has been incorporated without compromising on interior space whilst giving you added peace-of-mind.  

5 year / 100,000 km warranty

8 year / 160,000 km battery warranty

Opel has you covered

Perfectly demonstrating our commitment to you as a customer, Opel is proud to apply an extensive warranty which covers 5 years or 100,000 km, whichever occurs first.

In addition, our traction batteries come with an 8 year / 160,000 km warranty to 70% charge capacity.

Clean Car Rebate

Opel Mokka-e is eligible for the full $7,015 Clean Car Rebate, offering a smooth and carefree start into e-mobility.

Register your interest.  

Take the lead

Reserve yours now for $100, so you can take the lead and be the first to electrify the streets with the bold, pure new Opel Mokka-e. It’s time to drive less ordinary, more Mokka. Arriving September 2022.

Opel services for e-models.

Our intelligent service offer for all topics of electromobility and a carefree journey at all times.

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Committed to you

Enjoy total peace of mind as an Opel Electric or Hybrid vehicle owner with our 10 Commitments suite of aftersales benefits. From 24/7 roadside assistance and lifetime free software updates to our 8-year 160,000km battery warranty and friendly experts to answer all your questions, we have you covered.

A comprehensive ten-point service promise providing straightforward, expert care in all aspects of vehicle ownership



8 years / 160.000km manufacturer’s coverage

Drive in serenity 24/24 and 7/7. 



Our experts will take care of your vehicle and will answer all your questions.


4. OPEL FLEXCARE (recommended)

All maintenance operations, parts and dedicated services are included. 



A complete range of wall box es, installed by selected professionals. 



Different mobility solutions to keep you on the road. 



Always benefit the best driving experience. 



At each service inspection. 



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1 If available

Press reviews
See what the experts say about the Opel Mokka
New Zealand's top motoring journalists have had the opportunity to sample the Opel Mokka on local roads. They were impressed to say the least! See what they have to say below.

We'll be adding more reviews as they become available, so please check back again soon.
'For a fleet buyer looking to make their organisation standout...the Mokka ICE is not only worth considering, it’s worth leasing/owning.' 
'I give the Mokka-e ten out of ten.' 
'Mokka-e is clean, roomy and its acoustically isolated cabin is where you’ll recharge your own energy on every journey.' 
'Overall, the Mokka is a stylish, practical, and fun-to-drive car that combines sportiness with versatility.' 
'The Mokka in either guise is a truly impressive car; it’s involving and entertaining.' 
'The Mokka-e is a fun's in the running for our Surprising Car Of The Year award.' 
'The German brand has really gone bold with the Mokka...with a boxy, flush EV-looking front and some interesting detail around the car.' 
'I can count on one hand the amount of cars that have prompted total strangers to come up and offer unsolicited compliments. Oddly enough, the Mokka recently joined the list.' 
'The iced Mokka is a decent enough drive, as the tiny turbo and eight-speed auto are a willing combo.' 
'The Mokka-e is a modern, electric driving experience that’s both agile and zippy.' 
'The Opel Mokka-e is a family EV that’s actually cool.' 
'The Mokka-e typifies the "bold and pure" design ethic of the rejuvenated Opel brand.' 
'The Mokka-e really breaks the mold – a hit for sure.' 
'The Mokka-e is Modern Euro design matched with efficient German engineering.' 
'Buy an Opel EV for the price of a tank of fuel.' 
'The Mokka-e is a modern, electric driving experience that’s both agile and zippy.'
Read the review
'The Opel Mokka-e is a family EV that’s actually cool.'
See the video review
'The Mokka-e typifies the "bold and pure" design ethic of the rejuvenated Opel brand.'
Read the review
'The Mokka-e really breaks the mold – a hit for sure.'
Read the review
'The Mokka-e is Modern Euro design matched with efficient German engineering.'
Watch the video review
'Buy an Opel EV for the price of a tank of fuel.'
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