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We are Opel. 

New Zealand's most efficient German brand. coming soon. 

Status quo: challenged. 
A new era where green has teeth. 
We are less toxic, more detox. 
We are a detox. 

Ev or hybrid, across an all-new range. drive greenovation with Opel

Drive greenovation


A new era of mobility is arriving in New Zealand over the coming years. All low emission, electrified across the brand, NZ's greenest German brand etc....copy to be updated.

Reflecting key German design principles that form must follow function, Opel vehicles are pure and bold, keeping only what is only essential. Every surface, inside and outside are sculpted with fine precision. Bold colours, distinctive two-tone exteriors and a detoxed interior with Pure Panel digital display all adhere to a philosophy that result in an ultra-modern, eye-catching range of vehicles. 

This is Opel

We are modern German, less formal, more electric. 

This is Opel

We are modern German, less formal, more electric. 

Bold & pure

Is more than a design principle. it's an attitude. 

Live elektrisch

Move into an electrified future

Rebel with a cause

Come and join us, the future is Opel

An Opel in every metro

Coming soon

Perfect integrated batttery
The battery of the Corsa-e sits below the front and rear seat rows. This ensures not only a maximum amount of boot space, it also supports a low center of gravity - and thus more driving pleasure. 
Sporty performance
When it comes to driving fun, the new Corsa-e plays in the front row: 0-100 km/h in 8.1 seconds without having to choose the correct gear ratio and with immediate torque. A totally new form of driving pleasure. 
Minimum sound, maximum power
Pollution is also a question of noise. That's why you enjoy the noise-free Corsa-e. With its silent electric engine you make an active contribution to reduce noise emissions and make your driving experience more relaxing.