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Opel x Moana Pasifika
An electric Super Rugby partnership









We are Opel

New Zealand's most efficient German brand is here

Welcome to Opel New Zealand

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We are a detox

Hyper-efficient PureTech petrol, electric or hybrid, across an all-new range. Drive 'greenovation' with Opel.

This is Opel

We are modern German, less formal, more efficient.

Bold & pure

More than a design principle, it's an attitude

New German energy

Move into a hyper-efficient German future

Rebel with a cause

Come and join us, the future is Opel

Payments that work for you

iOWN is intelligent car ownership that takes accessibility futher than rebates,
low weekly repayments and guaranteed future value.

Electric with attitude

Live Elektrisch with Opel's full electric or plug-in hybrid

models available across the range.

Opel tech

Experience maximum comfort and safety with our

advanced driver assistance and technologies.

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The World’s 3rd Automotive Manufacturer

Opel since 1862

An Opel in every metro

Find your nearest authorised Opel dealer here

Covid-19 update and FAQ

As you can imagine, the situation around the Corona-Virus has a heavy impact on our business, too. To ensure the health of our clients and employees we must take measures. Therefore, we regret to inform you that our showrooms are closed effective immediately.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but you can be sure that our online-services are ongoing and are not affected.


For more information about the authorized workshops that are in operation, click here.

Opel is now. Every car in our range will have a 100% electric or plug-in hybrid option.
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Opel, since 1862, has strived for excellence. We are bringing our future facing product to New Zealand for the first time in 2022.
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Every model in the Opel range is a low emission vehicle. That means you get a government Clean Car Rebate on all of our cars.
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Bold and pure

Reflecting key German design principles that form must follow function, Opel vehicles are pure and bold, keeping only what is only essential. Every surface, inside and outside are sculpted with fine precision. Bold colours, distinctive two-tone exteriors and a detoxed interior with Pure Panel digital display all adhere to a philosophy that result in an ultra-modern, eye-catching range of vehicles. 

Drive greenovation

A new era of mobility is arriving in New Zealand over the coming years. All low emission, electrified across the brand, NZ's greenest German brand etc....copy to be updated.

The people

Opel’s attitude, Defected In Da House people partnerships etc... copy to be updated

The new Corsa-e. 

Everyday driving fun and big car technology. now available 100% electric. 

Born in Germany. heading to NZ

Opel, a bold and pure German car company since 1899, is heading to New Zealand for the first time. Cars will be arriving from the middle of 2022, so get ready!

100% electrified

As part of our committment to a low emissions future, every model in the Opel range will include either a 100% electric or plug-in hybrid model. It's just one way we're electrifying the car market in New Zealand!

Low emissions range

Every single model within the Opel range will be low CO2 emissions. Which means that no matter which Opel you buy, you will save with the government's Clean Car Rebate.

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15-day money-back guarantee
3 years free servicing

Order your car whereever you are. It’s just four simple steps

Pick your model. 
We can help you find the perfect Opel to suit your life. It couldn't be simpler. 
Choose your trim and colour. 
Make your new car yours and add your own personal touch. 
Get the right price. 
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The new Insignia Sports Tourer

German engineering at its finest

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