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Get the most out of your Corsa-e by knowing the main impacting factors on range and how to react on them. 

Speed is the most impactful factor on range. At e.g. a constant speed of 130 km/h the range of your Corsa-e is halved as compared to WLTP. 
Driving style
Every time you accelerate, you lose energy. And every time you brake harshly, you need to accelerate again. The eco-driving mode and recuperative braking of your Corsa-e can help you to save up to 15% of your range! 
Thermal comfort & heating
Range difference due to heating can vary up to 35% between seasons, as the energy is directly taken from the battery. Pre-Conditioning your Corsa-e while charging is a great way to preserve your range and travel in comfort. 
TIP: The displayed range in your Corsa-e, even when fully charged, is a prediction based on former driving behaviour. If you take the range impacting factors (e.g. speed, driving style, thermal comfort) into consideration, the displayed range will adapt to your new driving behaviour.